How Strong is the Boa Closure System? And other FAQs Answered.


L4 Knob 2 Silver Pad PrintAre all Boa Closure Systems the same?

Yes and no.

The Boa Closure System consists of aircraft-grade stainless steel laces and a low-profile, powerful dial that work together to provide a premium alternative to traditional laces.

The Boa Closure Systems fall into three main categories, called “power levels”:

1. Boa High-Power Closure System is found on snowboard boots and other large, high-cut footwear that requires the unequaled strength and gear ratio advantage Boa delivers. See How It Works

2. Boa Mid-Power Closure System is ideal for mid-cut footwear such as utility boots, hiking boots, safety shoes, inline skates and ski boot liners. See How It Works

3. Boa Low-Power Closure System was specifically designed for low-cut footwear. This is where Boa brings superior performance, convenience and comfort to cycling shoes, golf shoes, running shoes and casual footwear. See How It Works

How Strong is the Boa dial?

From the beginning, our design goal has been that the dial should outlast the boots in any conditions, a promise backed by Boa’s “Dialed In for Life” Guarantee. The Boa Closure System has tens of thousands of hours of testing on it in all types of terrain and environments, from mountain trails to terrain parks to construction sites.

Is any lubrication necessary to keep my Boa’s running smoothly?

No, our extensive product testing has determined that a simple rinse with fresh water is sufficient to clean debris out of the dial. Never put an oil based lubricant (such as WD-40) in your Boa as it will degrade the integrity of the components.

My footwear collects a lot of grit and grime. Will Boa stand up to abrasive debris? How durable is it?

Don’t let the size of the Boa lace fool you. That relatively thin lace is gram-for-gram stronger than tank armor. It is constructed of aircraft-grade stainless steel. For demanding environments, it may be jacketed in nylon. As a bonus, athletes (and other Boa fans) appreciate that they can simply hose off all the mud and grime after their endeavor.

Knox Introduces Orsa Leather Gloves with Boa Closure System
Thursday May 23rd 2013, 9:00 am
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The Boa-powered Knox Handroid was again the clear winners in the latest test by Sweden’s BIKE magazine (February 2013).

Knox beat out the competition from leading international brands, includin  Alpinestars, Dainese, Held and Spidi to score a perfect 10 out of 10, thanks to its similar specification to other top-of-the-range gloves, but with the added benefit of the patented exoskelton covering the fingers.

BIKE noted the use of reinforced thread, kangaroo and aniline hide, as well as the sliding surfaces and wrist-mounted Boa Closure System, which they found easy to operate with one hand. The testers liked the innovative technology, especially the exoskeleton, and tight fit, although they did note that the Handroids can take a long time to bed in.

Knox is following up this success with the launch of a new glove, the Knox Orsa Leather Gloves, which launched in April and is now available at Check out video review of the gloves  here:

 The Knox Orsa Leather Gloves is an amazing short leather glove that is heavy on features and quality while offering extremely good value.

Upgrade to Boa Field Tester and Rewards Program


Learn more about Boa Technology’s B Company Field Tester Program in this short video.

Think you’re tough on your gear? Do your outdoor pursuits lead you down unmarked paths, through waist-deep powder, straight into muddy puddles and occasionally up the proverbial creek without a paddle? If this sounds like you, then you know only the best product has survived throughout your adventures, with the rest tattered by the wayside. And this makes you the right person to join Boa B Company.

Boa B Company troops love active challenges and help make a tough product even tougher for the next generation. Click here to apply for the chance to join Boa B Company, a new field testing program that puts you in the driver’s seat to try new, unreleased products and help us develop and evolve the same world-class performance technology we’ve been delivering since 2001.

How it Works:

1. Experience the Fit. Try on a Boa-powered product for work, play or leisure and experience the benefits of the Boa Closure System (you can view a selection of Boa-powered footwear and equipment at

2. Upgrade Your Gear. Purchase a Boa-powered pair of cycling shoes, golf shoes, outdoor shoes, utility, hunting and fish boots or medical products.

3. Tell us what you think. Apply to become a Boa field tester here and tell us what you think.

4.  Get Rewarded for participating. B Company members receive access to special offers and promotions, receive membership discounts, access to new and unreleased products, and may apply for ‘Epic to Me” Adventure Grants.

Product Videos Capture Boa Closure System’s Versatility and Benefits
Thursday March 07th 2013, 3:25 pm
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Knox Armor’s new video highlights the unique features of its Boa-powered Handroid Gloves motorbike riding. Check out the video on their website here: In this application, the wrist-mounted Boa Closure System gives riders the confidence of a secure fit, especially when traveling at high speeds.


Similarly, performance and efficiency matter at work. This new product video from Bata Industrials Australia highlights the ease at which their new Boa-powered Bata Hero Boots can be put on and taken off and the comfort that comes from a customizable fit. Click here to watch the video.


Lastly, Ride‘s Mike Erwin explains the tech behind the triple Boa on the 2014 Ride Trident boot. What the full video, produced by TransWorld Business here:

Boa Technology Forms Partnership with Glenbrook Consumer Partners


Strategic alliance funds Boa’s next growth phase

PRESS RELEASE: Boa Technology Inc., the Colorado-based creator of the revolutionary Boa® Closure System featured in performance footwear, action sports, outdoor and medical products worldwide, has received funding from Glenbrook Consumer Partners, a San Francisco-based investment firm that finances innovative, high-growth consumer brands. The agreement, finalized May 18, includes a strategic majority investment to accelerate Boa’s brand growth.

“Boa exemplifies all of the elements we seek in a partner,” says Peter Breck, a managing director at Glenbrook Consumer Partners. “It has a highly differentiated product offering, attractive and scalable business model, a large market opportunity and, most importantly, an extremely talented, passionate and high-integrity team.”

Boa Technology began in 1998 as the brainchild of entrepreneur Gary Hammerslag. After recognizing the limitations of traditional shoelaces and other closure systems, he crafted a dial-based prototype that became the Boa Closure System. Now the gold standard of closure, it appears in numerous footwear categories including cycling, golf, outdoor, snowboarding, utility as well as helmets and medical bracing. Boa partners with over 100 premium brands, among them: K2 Snowboarding, Vans, Footjoy, Specialized, Red Wing, Bata Industrials, TrekSta, Smith, Exos Medical and DeRoyal Medical.

“As demand for our system grows, so does our need to expand our resources and capabilities,” says Mark Soderberg, Boa’s CEO. “The Glenbrook team’s long history and proven track record of supporting great management teams to build world-class consumer brands, coupled with their financial commitment, puts Boa in a stronger position to act on opportunities that will help us achieve our goal of placing a Boa-powered product in every life.”

“We look forward to working with Boa’s management to build the Boa brand, introduce more users to the Boa Closure System and help deepen its relationships with both brand partners and end users,” says Glenbrook principal Trevor Ashley.

In conjunction with this transaction, long-time Boa President Mark Soderberg assumes the additional role of CEO. Founder Gary Hammerslag will remain company chairman and lead Boa’s new European office opening later this year.

Middle-market investment banking firm Integris Partners and the law firm Patton Boggs, LLP advised Boa Technology.  Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP provided legal counsel to Glenbrook.

Knox Zero Boa Moto Glove Named Best Buy in Fast Bike
Monday January 16th 2012, 12:05 pm
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The Knox Zero winter riding glove has just been voted Best Buy in the best selling UK Sports Bike magazine, Fast Bikes.

The Zero includes 3 patents – The Boa Closure System, OutDry technology and the Knox Scaphoid Protection System

This award is hot on the heels of another win at the end of 2011 when the the Handroid was voted Best Innovation of the Year.


Boa Product Design Engineer Eric Irwin is the Road Warrior
Monday September 12th 2011, 2:03 pm
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How many people thrive on riding a motorcycle over 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours? How about in less than 17 hours? Not many, but there are a few and there’s a club called the Iron Butt Association that pushes these road warriors to set lofty goals and then go for it!

Boa Product Design Engineer Eric Irwin set out this weekend to prove his case for inclusion in this coveted club and he rocked Boa all the way. Here’s his summary of the weekend’s adventure.

We started from Denver’s C470 and Santa Fe at 5:00am and returned back there at 9:15pm. In that time we went to Trinidad, CO; followed by Idaho Springs, CO; through the amazing Glenwood Canyon to Mesa, CO; back through Denver and out to Brush, CO at sunset; and finally back to our start.

Boa's Eric Irwin with his game face on during the 1008 mile ride around the block. begins!

Boa's Eric Irwin with his game face on during the 1008 mile ride around the block. begins!

We stopped about every 2 hours for 15 minutes or so. Every other stop was for fuel, just about every stop included a bathroom break for some reason. We snacked on PB&J’s and granola bars and drank water during each stop.

The odometer showed a total 1008 miles, start to finish. This particular route has already been verified by the Iron Butt Association. At the finish, we had to show our ride log, where we had recorded information at all the mandatory stops as well as gas receipts for each of those stops.

I had one brain malfunction and forgot to latch my saddlebag lid, which sent us back in Glenwood Canyon to find it along the side of the road. Luckily it landed on the side of the road, so it did not get run over. Some tweaking with a pair of pliers got the aluminum back into form enough to put back on the bike. That cost us about 30 minutes, otherwise we would have broken the 16 hour mark. Apparently, that is somewhat of an accomplishment.

Here is a link:

I wore my Boa AXO Striker boots and Knox Handroid or Zero gloves for the entire ride. We had great weather with hi temps around 80 and low’s around 50 and only a few minutes of light rain on the return trip through Glenwood Canyon.

Knox Handroid Moto Glove with Boa Takes a Beating…Keeps on Ticking!
Friday July 22nd 2011, 9:15 am
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Boa was bruised, battered but not beaten!

Boa was bruised, battered but not beaten!

The crew at Knox just forwarded over this customer email.

We can read product reviews all day long about motorcycle technology, but only a letter like this truly illustrates the strength, quality and durability of the Boa Closure System on moto gloves when put to the ultimate test…a real world crash. The Boa Closure System on the Knox Handroids stayed tight and secure during the entire slide and kept the gloves on his hands. What more can you say? Glad you are doing OK Brandon!

Let me start off by saying you guys rock. About a year and a half ago I bought myself a pair of Knox Handroids because I kept hearing good things about them. I picked up a pair and loved riding in them. They felt great, looked great, and I hoped they would protect me as well as they looked. Last week they got put to the test. I went down going around a turn at about 105mph. I low sided because of some gravel, slid across the road, across the gravel, and flew into a ditch which then turned into a corn field. And my hands came out perfectly! Without even a scratch, bruise, burn etc. I did mess up my left knee, my back and my left thigh sense they weren’t covered by something that Knox makes!

Way to make one damn amazing product. Enclosed are some pictures of the damage to the gloves.
I’m also curious if you guys do some sort of refurbish if I were to send you the gloves?

Thanks again,
Brandon Smith
Minnesota, U.S.A.

Boa Partner News: Knox Handroid Moto Glove wins Bikechatter Award
Friday February 11th 2011, 8:27 am
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Congrats to the crew over at Knox for taking home the Bikechatter 2010 Clothing Innovation of the Year award for the Knox Handroid with Boa. Read more about the award HERE.

Knox Handroid

Today is the day…The Knox Handroid with Boa Moto Glove
Tuesday June 08th 2010, 8:06 am
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