How Strong is the Boa Closure System? And other FAQs Answered.


L4 Knob 2 Silver Pad PrintAre all Boa Closure Systems the same?

Yes and no.

The Boa Closure System consists of aircraft-grade stainless steel laces and a low-profile, powerful dial that work together to provide a premium alternative to traditional laces.

The Boa Closure Systems fall into three main categories, called “power levels”:

1. Boa High-Power Closure System is found on snowboard boots and other large, high-cut footwear that requires the unequaled strength and gear ratio advantage Boa delivers. See How It Works

2. Boa Mid-Power Closure System is ideal for mid-cut footwear such as utility boots, hiking boots, safety shoes, inline skates and ski boot liners. See How It Works

3. Boa Low-Power Closure System was specifically designed for low-cut footwear. This is where Boa brings superior performance, convenience and comfort to cycling shoes, golf shoes, running shoes and casual footwear. See How It Works

How Strong is the Boa dial?

From the beginning, our design goal has been that the dial should outlast the boots in any conditions, a promise backed by Boa’s “Dialed In for Life” Guarantee. The Boa Closure System has tens of thousands of hours of testing on it in all types of terrain and environments, from mountain trails to terrain parks to construction sites.

Is any lubrication necessary to keep my Boa’s running smoothly?

No, our extensive product testing has determined that a simple rinse with fresh water is sufficient to clean debris out of the dial. Never put an oil based lubricant (such as WD-40) in your Boa as it will degrade the integrity of the components.

My footwear collects a lot of grit and grime. Will Boa stand up to abrasive debris? How durable is it?

Don’t let the size of the Boa lace fool you. That relatively thin lace is gram-for-gram stronger than tank armor. It is constructed of aircraft-grade stainless steel. For demanding environments, it may be jacketed in nylon. As a bonus, athletes (and other Boa fans) appreciate that they can simply hose off all the mud and grime after their endeavor.

Product Videos Capture Boa Closure System’s Versatility and Benefits
Thursday March 07th 2013, 3:25 pm
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Knox Armor’s new video highlights the unique features of its Boa-powered Handroid Gloves motorbike riding. Check out the video on their website here: In this application, the wrist-mounted Boa Closure System gives riders the confidence of a secure fit, especially when traveling at high speeds.


Similarly, performance and efficiency matter at work. This new product video from Bata Industrials Australia highlights the ease at which their new Boa-powered Bata Hero Boots can be put on and taken off and the comfort that comes from a customizable fit. Click here to watch the video.


Lastly, Ride‘s Mike Erwin explains the tech behind the triple Boa on the 2014 Ride Trident boot. What the full video, produced by TransWorld Business here:

Enter to Win in the 12 Days of Boa Today
Friday December 14th 2012, 2:24 pm
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Every year at this time, we at Boa Technology like get into the holiday spirit by giving away some great gear from our partner brands. This year we’re giving away amazing prizes from Footjoy, Gaerne, Korkers, P3 Pillows, Red Wing Shoes, Ride Snowboards, Smith, Specialized, Vans, Viking and Zoot.

Visit the Boa Closure System Facebook page to enter today. Simply enter your name and zip code and hit “Submit” to become eligible to win one of 12 daily prizes to be awarded between December 12 and 23.

Good luck!

Denver Post Highlights Boa Technology’s Rapid Rise
Tuesday July 10th 2012, 1:36 pm
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Screen Shot 2012-07-10 at 11.49.53 AM

Here is an excerpt from the Denver Post article, which you can read in full here.

Thanks to an investment last month by a San Francisco firm, Boa is expanding and launching deeper into the medical-bracing and safety-utility industries, offering its dial-to-tighten lacing system in helmets, safety pads, work boots and orthopedic braces.

Boa’s path over the past decade includes large steps. When it moved from snowboarding into cycling in the early 2000s, it nearly doubled its reach. Then, golf shoes doubled the cycling market. Then, outdoor shoes. And now, medical and utility.

“They’re what, 50 times, 100 times bigger than all those markets?” said Boa chief financial officer Merle McCreery. “We proved we could gain market share in snow, and in these new market categories we are going into, we don’t need to gain nearly as much market share to really grow the revenue.

“The new majority stake by Glenbrook Consumer Partners — an investment firm focused on innovative consumer brands with $10 million to $40 million equity investments in such brands as Jamba Juice and Under Armour — will further elevate Boa’s closure system, now found in 100 brands divided into 15 primary categories.

Keep reading here.

Boa Technology Forms Partnership with Glenbrook Consumer Partners


Strategic alliance funds Boa’s next growth phase

PRESS RELEASE: Boa Technology Inc., the Colorado-based creator of the revolutionary Boa® Closure System featured in performance footwear, action sports, outdoor and medical products worldwide, has received funding from Glenbrook Consumer Partners, a San Francisco-based investment firm that finances innovative, high-growth consumer brands. The agreement, finalized May 18, includes a strategic majority investment to accelerate Boa’s brand growth.

“Boa exemplifies all of the elements we seek in a partner,” says Peter Breck, a managing director at Glenbrook Consumer Partners. “It has a highly differentiated product offering, attractive and scalable business model, a large market opportunity and, most importantly, an extremely talented, passionate and high-integrity team.”

Boa Technology began in 1998 as the brainchild of entrepreneur Gary Hammerslag. After recognizing the limitations of traditional shoelaces and other closure systems, he crafted a dial-based prototype that became the Boa Closure System. Now the gold standard of closure, it appears in numerous footwear categories including cycling, golf, outdoor, snowboarding, utility as well as helmets and medical bracing. Boa partners with over 100 premium brands, among them: K2 Snowboarding, Vans, Footjoy, Specialized, Red Wing, Bata Industrials, TrekSta, Smith, Exos Medical and DeRoyal Medical.

“As demand for our system grows, so does our need to expand our resources and capabilities,” says Mark Soderberg, Boa’s CEO. “The Glenbrook team’s long history and proven track record of supporting great management teams to build world-class consumer brands, coupled with their financial commitment, puts Boa in a stronger position to act on opportunities that will help us achieve our goal of placing a Boa-powered product in every life.”

“We look forward to working with Boa’s management to build the Boa brand, introduce more users to the Boa Closure System and help deepen its relationships with both brand partners and end users,” says Glenbrook principal Trevor Ashley.

In conjunction with this transaction, long-time Boa President Mark Soderberg assumes the additional role of CEO. Founder Gary Hammerslag will remain company chairman and lead Boa’s new European office opening later this year.

Middle-market investment banking firm Integris Partners and the law firm Patton Boggs, LLP advised Boa Technology.  Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP provided legal counsel to Glenbrook.

Team Wendy to Launch Tactical Bump Helmet with Boa This Fall
Friday June 01st 2012, 9:11 am
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tactial bump helmet
Team Wendy has unveiled the next-generation of helmet liner technology in partnership with the U.S. Military. The Tactical Bump Helmet features a hybrid sling/polymer structure-impact management system that offers multi-impact performance.

tactical helmet with Boa

The back of the helmet features Boa Technology’s Boa Closure System, a more robust version of the Boa dial system used in snowsport helmets developed by Smith and Pro-Tec. In the Team Wendy helmet, the Boa Closure System allows precise adjustability of the helmet to ensure a secure fit and optimal comfort for the wearer. Click here to learn more about the Team Wendy Tactical Bump Helmet in.

Red Wing Boa Boots Win 2011 British Safety Industry Federation Innovation Award
Monday May 23rd 2011, 1:34 pm
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Wondering about Boa’s durability? Oil & Gas Workers seem to like the system — just check out this award Red Wing boots with Boa took home from the 2011 British Safety and Health Expo in Birmingham this week.

From our friends at Simon Safety in the UK
The Red Wing 3282 Safety Boot with Boa Lacing Technology received high commendation from judges at the BSIF Safety Awards at the Safety and Health Expo in Birmingham this week.

Speaking after the award ceremony in Birmingham, Managing Director Simon Ashton was thrilled to receive the award which champions the importance of innovation and the highest standards of excellence in improving occupational health and safety in the UK. RedWing - 2492

“Our head office and distribution centre is located in Milford Haven, alongside the UK’s largest oil and gas port, the new energy capital of the UK. This award recognises our efforts in responding to the demands of the people within the energy industry and marks the company as a major player at the heart of an industry which is so important to the local economy of West Wales.”

The new innovative Red Wing 3282 Safety Boot with Boa Lacing Technology has been specifically designed and developed for the rugged requirements of offshore oil and gas workers involved in drilling operations, offering superior protection against chemicals, oil based cutting fluids, mud and sea water exposure. It brings together a number of technologies and features to produce a unique, high-performing product for the off-shore industries.

”We take a very proactive approach with our customers, to ensure we understand their needs, as this superb example shows, by working with the Red Wing Shoe Co. we were able to share information and recognise the needs of the workers who operate in very difficult conditions bringing oil and gas ashore. Our speciality is to continually work with the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry to bring about solutions that will help make their workforce safer,” added Simon Ashton.

“The Boa Boot came about as a result of this approach, and we were delighted to be able to work with the excellent development team at Red Wing to bring this product to the UK market”

The Boa Closure System Guarantees Life-Long Fit and Footwear Lace Durability on Red Wing Work Boots
Tuesday March 15th 2011, 8:40 am
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The team at Boa Technology understands that in construction or any skilled industrial work environment, a sturdy pair of work boots that provides comfort, safety and closure is crucial. The award-winning, patented Boa Closure System, is engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions and weather, and is recognized by top global footwear manufacturers like Red Wing as the most durable and secure closure system on the market.

Backed by the Boa Dialed In For Life Guarantee, Boa Technology is constantly creating and testing footwear closure solutions that provide all-day comfort, speed, security and reliability for the world’s top manufacturers. Product testing and engineering plays a critical role in everything that Boa does to create and guarantee its technology. Testers in the utility and construction fields log tens of thousands of hard-working hours putting the Boa Closure System to the test.

“Each test boot averages 1,761 work hours and the Boa Closure System has out-lasted the boot each and every time,” says Boa Field Testing Coordinator Rob Peterson. “One hardy worker logged 2,900 hours and Boa was the last part of the boot still intact. These testers ranged from home builders, to welders, to ranchers, to cement masons, to landscapers.”

The Red Wing 2492

The Red Wing 2492

Durability isn’t the only distinct feature and benefit Boa offers. Created in 1998 by Gary Hammerslag, the Boa Closure System is as simple as it looks, consisting of a lace, a spool, guides and a reel. Unlike traditional shoelaces that can cause uneven pressure due to friction when tied, the Boa Closure System allows the lace to equalize pressure around the foot, creating a customized, glove-like-fit that never comes untied. With one quick turn of the Boa reel, the shoe or boot is tightened and firmly locked in place where it will stay. Easy-to-clean, Boa laces, guides and reels are designed to repel dirt and grime. (more…)

Twister Fire-Fighting Boot with Boa Wins a RedDot Design Award for 2009
Saturday October 24th 2009, 11:44 am
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Boa partners continue to make their mark in the award category. The Rosenbauer Twister fire fighting boot has been named a 2009 RedDot Design award recipient.  A HUGE testament to Boa’s rugged durability.  If the Twister can handle backdrafts and smoldering buildings, it’s a no brainer on the trails and in the mountains!